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Crushing and Screening

We have a range of dozers from D8 to D10 for ripping and raising, as well as crushing and screening plant suitable for small and large jobs. Our plant includes jaw, cone and impact crushers, two and three deck screens and reclaimers. Loaders have weight scales and printers for accurate production tracking and recording. Our services include raising and crushing limestone for road making, producing graded stone for building projects, recycling concrete, and production of ag lime, road base materials as well as sized basalt aggregates.

Civil Contracting and Plant Hire

We have plant and equipment (including GPS equipped) with the capability to undertake a range of civil construction works including roadworks, subdivisions, forestry services, preparation for major renewable energy and other utilities installations, construction of hardstands and industrial developments, demolition, quarry and mine site overburden stripping and site rehabilitation. We can provide wet and dry hire of plant and equipment for a variety of client needs including woodchip loading, rock breaking, supply of materials conveyors, provision of fire-fighting plant and equipment, dewatering and water supply for dust suppression. If you have a specialist need or a problem to solve, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective solutions. All of our equipment is expertly maintained by our own qualified and experienced staff, using our purpose built workshop and suitably-equipped mobile facilities.

Concrete Recycling and Quarry Projects

At our depot at 80 Portland-Nelson Road in Portland, we accept clean concrete for recycling for a nominal fee. We can also provide demolition and removal services for concrete slabs and other structures or arrange for onsite crushing if required. We operate various quarries that supply ag lime, limestone and basalt. Of course, we can pick up and/or deliver for you too.

Oversize and Overmass Transport

We have a variety of prime movers and low loaders suitable for the transport of oversize and overmass equipment and items up to 70 tonne, including for heavy machinery, water tanks, silos and transportable huts. With our own registered pilots, we can also arrange permits for local and interstate transport.